Our factory is located at Saharanpur, U.P (North India). Our contemporary processing and production facilities utilize some of the most modern and technologically advanced equipment's possible. We have a well-equipped Processing or Refining, which comprises of sophisticated processing machines helping in imparting pure honey along with its characteristic colour, aroma, and beneficial attributes. Its Processing Capacity is 20 tons/day/shift. Bottle filling capacity of our plant is 5-10 tons in a day, in single shift.


We follow strong quality assurance system for delivering hygienic array of honey in different varieties. Before processing of honey, we take two samples from each lot. One sample is sent to our in-house lab and another one is sent to third party testing lab to check parameters as per quality standards. if result is positive then only the Honey is sent for processing otherwise rejected on spot. Processing is done under controlled heating temperature.

After processing again sampling is done for testing purpose to finally ensure the quality of honey is as per FSSAI and EIA standards. After proper cooling & settling the honey is then sent to automatic filling/ bottling section.

Packaging and distribution
We have skilled persons in this section at our facility ensuring proper care throughout its packaging and transportation till it reaches our end user in perfect condition across the globe. We provide our array of honey in quality packaging. These include small, bulk and other customized packing sizes to the convenience of our end user according to their order of requirement.

Research & Development

We have an absolute scientifically designed Research and Development section. Our continuous untiring endeavors for ensuring use of cutting-edge technology, in developing better and faster processes for extraction and honey processing. Our research personnel keep themselves abreast with the new developments at the national and international level in honey industry and associated equipment requisites in the industry. Thus, ensuring a continued output both in terms of quality and quantity.


We believe one single satisfied customer can recommend to five other customers And thus, developing a continuous chain.

We are committed and our endeavor is to serve our customers timely with quality product meeting his/her requirements.

We care for the people’s health and want to gain the trust of our masses.

Honey Collection
To ensure good extraction quality, we maintain complete tractability regarding honey procurement from collection to its final packing under utmost stringent hygienic conditions. We collect honey from own apiaries or those beekeepers who have been trained by us and maintain standards as per FSSAI & EIA rules & regulations.
Superbee Apiary
Superbee Apiary
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